Seminar Presented by Riedel and Fine Wine Trading Co.
Saturday, April 27 | 1:00 pm
Location: Bonterra Dining & Wine Room | 1829 Cleveland Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28203
Tickets: $75 Per Person + tax ($25 tax-deductible per ticket)
Includes 4-Glass Set to Take Home
Attire: Snappy Casual

Riedel has been the standard in crystal glassware for 250 years. Through hard work and a lot of experimenting they have developed a glass for each varietal, thus proving that the shape of the glass you use does really matter. Come taste through five wines using four differently shaped glasses and see how much different the wine tastes from each glass. The tasting will be led by Danny Sanford, owner of Fine Wine Trading Co. 

Guests receive all four glasses to start your collection!

Glasses and wine will be available for sale at the event with a portion of proceeds benefiting Charlotte Wine & Food Weekend's charity partners.

“The finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel. The effect of these glasses on fine wine is profound. I cannot emphasize enough what a difference they make.” —Robert M. Parker, Jr. - The Wine Advocate

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Emerging Wine Regions with broadbent selections & Max Kast, MS

Seminar Presented by Max Kast, Master Sommelier and Director of Education, Broadbent Selections
Saturday, April 27 | 1:00 pm
Location: Barings’ Sky Room | 300 S Tryon Street, 26th Floor, Charlotte, NC 28202
Tickets: $75 Per Person + tax ($25 tax-deductible per ticket)
Attire: Snappy Casual

Take the road less traveled with one the newest to join the ranks of Master Sommelier - Max Kast, Regional Sales Manager with Broadbent Selections, on a trip around the world to explore emerging wine regions that are producing exceptional wines. You may be surprised at where this journey will take you (including Virginia, England, and Lebanon to name a few) but we guarantee it'll broaden your wine horizons and reward your palate with new delights! 

Guests will taste eight (8) different wines that will be revealed at the event!

Wine will be available for sale at the event with a portion of proceeds benefiting Charlotte Wine & Food Weekend's charity partners.


NAPA BOUTIQUE ESTATE TASTING WITH PAULA KORNELL Ft. ElevenEleven, Nellcote, Nemerever and Rocca wineries

Seminar Presented by Paula Kornell and Mark Meissner, Petit Philippe’s proprietor
Saturday, April 27 | 4:00-6:00 pm
Location: Petit Philippe | 2820 Selwyn Ave #160, Charlotte, NC 28209
Tickets: $65 Per Person + tax ($25 tax-deductible per ticket)
Attire: Snappy Casual

Join us for an exceptional wine open house led by Napa’s queen ambassador of boutique wine estates, Paula Kornell. This is a grand reception-format tasting offering a showing of fine wines from Napa’s smaller, exclusive wine producers - most notably - ElevenEleven, Nellcote, Nemerever and Rocca wineries.

We’re thrilled to bring Paula Kornell, a consummate wine personality and local Napa Valley favorite to the Charlotte Wine & Food Weekend. Paula is a Napa native who grew up on her family’s Napa Valley vineyard. In her youth she sold prunes, walnuts and peacock feathers in front of the tasting room at Hanns Kornell Champagne estate. Paula’s career led her to work alongside her winemaking father’s hands until the early 90s, when she joined Robert Mondavi as GM of Vichon winery. Paula’s experience took her beyond Napa’s boundaries to Sonoma, where she led the Carmenet estate before returned to Napa to join the iconic Oakville Ranch winery.

Deeply connected to her community, Paula has chaired the international Napa Valley Wine Auction and served as the President of the Board of Directors for the Napa Valley Vintners. She proudly sits on the board of the Oakville Wine growers association and the California Wine Institute. She is a founding member of the Lust for Life group of women vintners and is active in Wine Entre Femmes, a women-led knowledge sharing organization whose mission is fine wine education for female consumers and trade professionals.

The reception will be held at PETIT PHILIPPE - a fine wine retail destination and tasting room in Myers Park and will be co-hosted with Petit Philippe’s proprietor, Mark Meissner. Cheese and charcuterie included.