GenOne partners with talented, first-generation students from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them successfully navigate to and through college. We identify
high-performing, rising seventh graders attending high-poverty public schools and involve students and their families in year-round academic and cultural programming. Beginning in 8th grade, each GenOne Scholar is paired with a trained Navigator, who serves as a personal advocate, friend and mentor to their assigned student and family for a minimum of two years. In high school, our expert college advisors meet individually with GenOne students and families to help them understand the roadmap to college, while our life skills development program serves to build the soft skills our Scholar's need to be successful through college and in their future careers.

Mitchell’s Fund supports the social needs of children and families facing the crisis of a life threatening pediatric illness.  The heart of Mitchell’s Fund is pediatric cancer, but the fund also supports pediatric mental health issues. Contributions are used to fund expenses like mortgage payments, utility bills, funeral expenses and counseling services.  Mitchell’s Fund gives support that allows parents to relieve financial stress and focus on caring for their sick child. 


TLC provides a high-quality, tuition-free early educational intervention for 72 low-income preschool children, preparing them for success in school and in life. Specialized teaching approaches support early childhood development and pre-literacy skills for at-risk children. Parents participate in weekly workshops and volunteer at least 7 hours in the TLC library or classrooms each month. The families of TLC are lifted up through education, support and guidance. Each June, TLC Pre-K graduates leave us prepared and excited for big school. Most importantly, TLC’s research and evidence-based curricula mitigates a disadvantaged start in life. TLC works with carefully selected families to break the cycle of poverty and send at-risk children to school ready to learn.


The Relatives’ mission is to keep kids safe, families together, and to prepare youth and young adults to be healthy, productive, and engaged members of the community. The Relatives organization serves the most vulnerable youth and young adults in Charlotte-young people who are not just homeless or in crisis, but many who have aged out of public systems such as foster care, juvenile justice, and children’s mental health systems. The Relatives aims to empower these young adults to become self-advocates and find viable, long-term paths to success through a coordinated continuum of services that serves over 5,000 youth, young adults, and families every year.


Our charity partners are confirmed through 2021. However, we are accepting nominations for future partners. The grant process will begin in Summer of 2020.
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